Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility


In an effort to support the needs of the economic sectors and the educational system, tailored vocational programs are increasingly in demand. We consider our commitment to the development of local human resources as one of the cornerstones of our business success as a services organization.



PCPC has a Saudization initiative and its committed to promote local economic opportunities and create jobs in the Kingdom by prioritizing the recruitment of local talent.

PCPC shall hire and develop Saudi employees who have the necessary ability, potential and aptitude. PCPC will make every effort to comply with the Saudization requirements, established by the Saudi Labor Law and Regulations and Saudi Aramco, as may be amended from time to time.


To be conscious of our responsibility as good corporate citizens and to use our best efforts to sustain a healthy environment and to act in harmony with the prosperity of society.

Our business activities will be conducted in consideration of their possible impact on the environment. To this end, we must make appropriate efforts to preserve the environment and reduce potential environmental impacts, including pollution.

  • We shall observe all domestic and international environmental laws and regulations and pacts and treaties by which we are bound.
  • At the time of commencement of a new investment or transaction, or the introduction of new reduction of waste and improvement of business efficiency.
  • In daily office work, we shall carry out green procurement, energy savings, resource savings, and reduction of waste and improvement of business efficiency.

In relation to green procurement, we shall not only take into account the quality and price of the resources, but also assess the environmental impact of using certain resources and whenever possible purchase from environmentally friendly business entities those products or services which have as little adverse impact as possible on the environment.

We shall endeavor to offer goods, services and social systems related to protection and/or improvement of the environment.