Corporate Governance Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

In order to achieve our missions and delivery values to shareholders and contractual parties, PCPC has the following Corporate Governance structure:

Policies And Procedures

PCPC produced and adopted series of policies and procedures based on Integrity Management Application (IMA) which are policies and procedures structural framework applied to numbers of I(W)PP assets owned and managed by Marubeni.

Corporate Governance

Compliance with Law

PCPC, as a utility company contracting with nationally owned company Saudi Aramco, strictly follows compliance with all applicable laws and its anti-bribery/corruption policy. PCPC has “Suggestion Box” for its employee to submit any suggestion directly to CEO.

3Ds Approach

In order to provide excellent values to all stakeholders, PCPC adopts the following 3Ds approach:

  1. Being Disciplined
  2. Document our activities
  3. Deliver on our commitments, obligations and any agreements